TDA announces Total Idea as winners in global agency awards

Total Idea is proud to be announced as Top Digital Agency November 2019 winners of branding in Serbia in their global agency awards. This award recognizes Total Idea commitment to providing innovative branding in Serbia. TDA has an impressive roster of 4800+ global agencies on its marketplace, and Total Idea is delighted to have been selected winners, ...

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Having a niche in your business means being closer to real profit and success!

Is your business really for everyone? When you are asked who is your ideal customer, if you are a small scale or a medium scale business, one of mostly received answers may be everyone. Is your business really for everyone? Or is it possible to find a niche in which you will operate more accurately and with better results? But let's start from the ...

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How to tell a story in 2 minutes?

Do you need an idea of how to tell a story in 2 minutes? Take a peek on video clip about the GReENERGY project:) Total Idea team has produced an intro promo video clip for the GReENERGY project (2019-2021), within Interreg-IPA CBS Croatia - Serbia program. GReENERGY_project intro promo video clip_2019Through the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Project between ...

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