Total Idea has created a social media appearance for Annona Pro Company

When the results of cooperation are good, it is only natural that new ideas, as well as inspiration for starting new projects, are coming. For Annona Pro, which deals with importing and selling cosmetics, we have recently redesigned its visual identity, making it adequate to the company’s values and its products’ quality. We are pleased that, ...

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Creativity of Total Idea team in branding Snajka de Madre consulting agency

When creative people and designers with years of experience in marketing and setting-up businesses meet, the results of their work can be nothing but excellent. We can say that we are happy with our work, because now Snajka de Madre consulting agency has a new look, all thanks to the creativity of Total Idea team. We started with suggestions for the ...

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Total Idea as host of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs

It is a known fact that, when starting and developing a business, it is important to follow the work of experienced fellow entrepreneurs and take their advice, because that is an easier and faster way to obtain useful information. For this reason, thanks to our business connections, we were asked to welcome Europe’s young entrepreneurs and take part in ...

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