Branding is the process that is usually done at the beginning when you build up your business. When we make a business plan, think about customers and the core of our business. But, it is not unusual that due to many other things needed to be done, branding is left for the future.

If you are in a similar situation, this text may be really useful, as it will give you the opportunity to build core values of your own branding in 4 simple steps. Then, when you come to the situation you are in a position to hire an agency for branding, answering these questions will help you to be sure what you really need and to give the right brif for the work that has to be done.

1. Branding focus

Be rational when finding your brand focus. What does it mean?

To be sure you know your brand well, but also the situation you will have most often. Maybe you have a situation like Covid19 in which all parameters of your brand have to be different and adaptable to the situation. The crucial thing is not to do something just because you like it.

With branding more important is to answer crucial questions considering your target audience, your company’s values and story you want to share. You need to set priorities and values and be sure about it. Also, you need to know the goal of your business and be sure your brand goes in that direction visually and with any other aspect of communication.

2. Problem-solving

To know which problem your brand solves and how you communicate about it, it’s important to ask and then answer this question: what is the problem?

Find this answer and write it in one sentence. Maybe you will find out what are the main aspects you need to be focused on. Is it the way you communicate as the market changed as it happened with Covid 19? Is it the customers you have and you need to adopt visual identity to that?

Whatever your answer is, be aware that it may lead you through the whole process and the right answer is actually a great beginning of a branding strategy.

3. Story of a brand

We are sure your brand already has a story and it tells it with every part of the communication process. When doing a branding you just keep to that story through every aspect of a brand. Your customers still want to recognize the values you share, to understand the story and feel it.

You may also do something revolutionary with your branding. You may surprise and shock as branding is a great opportunity to have a great marketing campaign and make people keep an eye on you.

This actually means to answer even more questions: who you are, how you communicate with the customer?

4. Customers

This is your last topic here, but it is the first question of every process you make. Knowing your customers is crucial! If you change your branding you have to know your customer really well to be sure they will like the change.

Maybe the good strategy is to ask your customers if you have the opportunity not only what they like, but also what they don’t like? What visual aspects are appealing to them?  What type of visual identity they think would be great for your brand? What is the tone of voice they need and communication strategy they will accept?

After you answer all these questions you will be closer to a decision about what kind of branding you need and what is the most important aspect of it. But it’s not the end of answering the question, it‘s just the beginning. After finding a great agency for this job, you need to think and answer even more questions in order to find the best possible solutions for your brand.

Bonus tip

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