Project Management

Project planning is a key step to project management. Understand business strategy, have good project implementation,  leads to effective solutions and meeting the needs of your clients. We are experts in project planning regarding projects eco-design, environmental protection, tourism and eco-tourism.

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Project consulting

Where to start with the project? Get a project consult. Giving expert advice in project consulting means understanding your business strategy and approach project planning from the right angle.

Strategy and development

Strategic development is crucial to creating and running a successful business. We plan your business strategy, set specific goals and objectives and then go to the business management process.


After having a project implementation plan there comes the phase where vision and plans become reality. Implementation is a practical part of executing a project.

Project management and PR

Project management means to organize and lead a team to achieve business strategy goals. Also to communicate the ideas and goals of the project through PR.

Project report

In order to be aware of all strengths and weakness of the project, it is crucial to do a detailed project report. Our reports contain all data and also detailed project analyses.

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