What are the elements of a good story? Great characters, storyline, plot, twist, time, space of a story and perspective. Then, it is not that easy just to put all these together and that is a story. It is more complex and sometimes you are not even sure will your readers like a story until they read it and analyze it.

It is almost the same as the story of a brand. It is possible to make a concrete and clear visual identity that tells a story, but the way your client sees and feels it is sometimes pretty unconscious.

So, visual identity must be built step by step with good strategy. But what are the steps and parts that are necessary?

It is the first thing you will notice and eventually remember with a brand. The reason is that it shows uniqueness and values that the audience can relate to. More importantly, you don’t just remember visuals, but emotionally being attached to them.

Images are a strong and powerful communication system as they speak to us on an unconscious level, why they become more convincing. Here is the main reason why you need a visual identity. Whatever word you say, the visual element is the first thing to come to someone’s mind.

Visual identity is unique graphical information about the brand. It is everything we can see that build one brand – from logo to package and design.

The main visual identity components your brand needs to have are:

  • Logo – as a visual represents a business and all other graphic symbols also tell the story of a brand visual identity.
  • Fonts and typography – that are picked or made just for a brand and are used consistently and in the right manner in every channel, the brand uses for communication.
  • Colour – is more important and it is not just to pick the right colour. It is important to know the psychology of colour behind it and the way they will influence your customers.
  • Photography or illustration – that are custom made to build the whole visual identity story together with other components.

 When listing these elements hardest thing is to look behind every aspect and to find out how they will communicate to your customers your brand values. It is not enough just to list them, as all of them have rules and the way they may influence your customers. So you may ask what are the rules and how to use the exact element?

  • Choose a colour palette following the rules of psychology.
  • Pick the right typography, you may use two complementary fonts.
  • Define your system of images and illustrations.
  • Create a brand book or branding guide you will always use as a help.

A good visual identity means people will notice you and remember you. But from the marketing and branding point of view, good visual identity must be flexible. What does it mean? It is good if it may grow with your brand, as you are launching a new product, service or just hit the new market. As visual identity is not just visual signs it is a tool to communicate your brand values and personality.

Customers will remember a strong brand identity, with a clear and memorable name and logo. After they experience your brand and go satisfied with it, this logo and name will always be an association with pleasant feelings and experience.

If you need any advice or help with building your visual identity don’t hesitate to contact our agency.