Christmas is time for family, sharing love and compassion, but also it is time for shopping and sharing gifts with your loved ones. That means a bigger chance you will sell more, whatever your business is. The sale is one of the regular strategies many brands have and many customers expect. Discount or some kind of a giveaway is also one of the strategies many uses. But, did you know that you can both make great Christmas marketing strategies, bring new fans and customers, increase sales and tell the story of your brand.

For all of these reasons, we prepared our Christmas gift for you as our customers and if you read to the end you will find a great offer you may use at the beginning of the next year. But, first gift and that is 5 ways to make the best out of your Christmas campaign and how to make your marketing strategy in the light of the New Year.

We used examples of great, viral ideas that big brands did in recent years as their New year marketing strategy. With this, you may use it to help yourself in forthcoming Christmas activities. Follow examples and generate your ideas from them.

1. Use your resources

If you have a product and a package use it in a clever way during Christmas time, not just to put Santa’s illustration on it. Starbucks is doing this since 2017. They wanted their customers to connect so they share gift cards they can write on and also their famous cups are designed with a lot of white space so people could colour and personalize it. all these materials people were invented to share pictures on social media with the #givegood so the whole campaign becomes viral.

2. Change perspective

We all know about the famous Coca-Cola truck and we all expect commercials with it. But the one-year company just did something totally different and unexpected. They made competitions and the fans get a chance to win a sleepover in the famous Christmas truck. This included presents, photos with the Santa Clause and many more. So, if you have something people already recognize you by, use it! But don’t use it in a regular way, change perspective so both your fans and also new customers will notice it, share it and love it.

3. Don’t do campaign only for yourself

The new year is a time for sharing and giving. So, if you can share your campaign and put the focus on someone else besides you. If you can include your clients in any way like We Work coworking office did one year. How they did it? They connected to their members by offering their product. In this way, they supported a community of creators, but also build a more trustworthy relationship with their customers by publishing Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts with a Personal Touch, separated in a few segments gift with a personal touch, gifts to get the party started, gifts for families and gifts for digital nomads.

4. Connect with other brands and companies

Collaboration is a great way to connect to another brand, gain new fans but also new business friends. You can do this kind of connection in many different ways but be aware of one thing if you decide to do collaboration be smart and don’t pick a brand that is much bigger than you are, you don’t want to be invisible. Pick someone with the same values and principles. H&M did Christmas collaboration with Coca-Cola and this marketing campaign was a success story for both. H&M decided to do something new and reach a wider market so they did clothes with Coca-Cola print. They called the campaign Adding extra flavor and definitely did it on every level. So, don’t just collaborate, but build a story around it and it will definitely be a success.

5. Point out a socially important topic

It is hard to make camping this year without mentioning Covid19 situation. So, don’t ignore important social topics and refer to them in your campaigns. This way you will give the impression that you know how people feel and think. That is the way you need to use every possible situation for that and Google Santa Tracker that is around for a few years now did it. People are already used to it and it changes depending on the global situation. That is why this year on google Santa tracker, Santa is wearing a mask. And this is the great way google manages to connect holiday wonder and telling stories with new technology.

All of these examples and points you may use together or choose one and make you campaign around it. Your main goal may be to sell more and gain new clients and customers, but don’t forget it is Christmas time and we all need care and attention, so give that feeling of joy to your clients first.