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This privacy policy determine the way in which Total Idea is collecting, using, maintaining and disclose the information gathered from its users (hereinafter in the text as “User”) through website or web pages in our property (hereinafter in the text as “Website”). This privacy policy is referred to web network, landing pages and all products and services offered by Total Idea.

Personal data

Total Idea is collecting personal, identification data from users by using different ways. This includes visit to our Website, registration on the Website, registering for newsletter, filling out the forms or any other activity connected to other activities on our Website or through Total idea’s services, functions, resources and activities.

If necessary, from Users could be demanded the data on name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number. The Users may visit our Website anonymously. Only if the User voluntarily provides mentioned data, Total Idea shall collect them for further usage. The Users, of course, are free to refuse to share their personal data, therewith that in such cases they may be deprived from some activities at the Website.

Other data

The data which are not with personal nature and which might include the name of the web browser, type of computer, operating system, internet provider and other technical information on User, Total Idea has the right to collect the User’s interactions with the Website in any time.

Using of information

Total Idea is collecting and using personal data exclusively for the following purposes:

Protection of information

Our website is in accordance with GDPR for purpose of creating safer and friendlier environment for the Users.

Total Idea is adopting collection of data, storage, processing and safety measures for protection from unauthorized access, changes, disclosure or destruction of personal data, user’s name, password, transaction of data and data located on our Website.

Total Idea does not sell, trade or lease User’s personal identification data.

User’s rights

In accordance to GDPR regulations the User has the right:

Accepting of terms and conditions

By using of our Website you are accepting our privacy policy. If you do not agree we ask you not to visit our Website.

Total Idea has the right to change in fully or partially this privacy policy in any time. You will be informed on such via this web page or via e-mail address. The using of Website after the disclosure of changes in this privacy policy shall be considered as yours acceptance of such changes.


If you have any doubts whatsoever or questions regarding to our privacy policy, feel free to contact us.

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