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Long Term cooperation with our clients is the key principle of our business. We take your project and you get the branding strategy from us. After some time we know your business needs and you know our successful working principles.

TDA & Total Idea Partnering

TDA team / Various

“Today, Total Idea is creating relevant, useful content that attracts readers and exposes the market to Total Idea’s thought leadership.”

Total Idea smartly used the opportunity to build a robust content strategy around TDA’s publishing platform.  From the outset, the Total Idea team has collaborated with TDA to build the agency’s digital presence. Working together, Total Idea and TDA collaborate in managing their reputation online. The Total Idea team showed their capacity of creating high-quality case studies and collecting client reviews as a way of building trust in the quality of their work. The team has posted over 15 case studies to their profile, all independently verified by TDA, that are being used to attract new clients. What’s more, the team regularly updates their profile with their latest work, making the Total Idea one of the strongest agency profiles on our platform. Total Idea has valued and used a full complement of TDA’s reputation management tools into its own communications. So, Total Idea has taken all of the necessary steps to display their status as a leader in the agency world. These opportunities to showcase Total Idea’s standing as a top digital agency is easily made with TDA partnership.

University of Novi Sad

dr Stevan Savic / Full Professor

“Very good and successful cooperation for the promotion of activities and organizing project events.”

Very positive cooperation, very quick response to any request. Also, Total Idea is the first company that organized the presentation of our project activities on national media. Good and fast communication, professional work and jobs are done at a high level of quality.

Stanova Stanztechnik

Katrin Lechler / Marketing Director

“Opening our long-awaited site was a positive shock – the look was so fresh and innovative just like our product.”

We asked Total Idea to create a site easy to handle having a young and professional look. The user should get all the information in a few clicks. It took us some time to work out together what we wanted. Total Idea helped us to find words for our inner idea. After this was clear, they created a clear and recognizable corporate identity which we are still proud of even years after our foundation. As German clients, we profited from the creativity of another country and another culture, so that we charmingly distinguish from other German websites. We got very professionally guided by Total Idea during the whole process. Very often we get compliments on behalf of our beautiful and intuitive site.

PSD Strazilovo

Branislav Srdic / President

“The Total Idea team delivered very professional and successful cooperation in the field of promotion activities.”

The team worked on the creation of a destination branding strategy, development of visual identity, business, and promotional materials, web presentations, design and printing promo materials, placement, visual identity and social networks, and in the end, the brand book. I had good impressions about the cooperation with Total Idea. They were creative and delivered on-time responses. I have already made a few recommendations for future clients. Very good communication, fast replies, a good destination branding strategy, and brand book. They were professional and produced creative work with high-quality outcomes.

Labudovic NS

Nikola Labudovic / CEO

“We are grateful to have such a good partner.”

The website was the biggest project that we have worked on together. We were not familiar with these things, but thanks to them, it was easily done. As I mentioned, we were grateful and really pleased to work with them. They are experts in their field, but the most important thing is that they are good and honest people. We learned a lot of news things which are also important for work.

Danube Books

Thomas Zehender / Director

“Complete harmony in thinking and we have worked together for a long time.”

Total Idea was a great partner. They worked competently and with empathy for the project. Total Idea very quickly understood the challenge of this special book cover. Communication was easy, the timetable reliable, and the output was perfect.

Fruska Gora Danube Regional Resource Centre

Vladica Vojinovic / Project Manager

“Total Idea Marketing & Consulting Agency provided a professional and outstanding service within the scope of the work and cooperated with the Fruska Gora Danube Region Resource Center successfully.”

The opening of the center required proper public relation management and professional communication with the stakeholders. Total Idea performed great engagement and completed all tasks with aim to provide maximum visibility of the event. The work was carried out to a high standard and in a professional manner.

Tourism Organization of Novi Sad

Branislav Knezevic / Director

“Very professional and successful cooperation with the Total Idea agency.”

We had a great experience working with the Total Idea agency. Honesty and open communication, highly professional team. Professional and fast work with high-quality feedback.

Steinbeis Europa Zentrum

Maria Kourti / Project manager

“Very creative, fresh and positively surprising.”

Total Idea has developed for our Serbian partner in the EU project „Danube PIE“ the logo and the flyer, which was very pretty in sense of aesthetics and suited perfectly to the vision of the project. Apart from a very creative, fresh and positively surprising visual identity, brought up in a very short time, Total Idea kindly offered the work to the whole consortium. As the coordinator of Danube PIE we state that it is a pleasure to have you as a collaborator in this project.


Child and Adolescent Health Institute of Vojvodina

Prof. Dr. Slobodan Grebeldinger / Director

“Example of creativity, imagination, business etiquette, tolerance and friendship.”

Total Idea is an example of creativity, imagination, business etiquette, tolerance and friendship. Add experience and quality and you will surely recommend Total Idea Marketing & Consulting to your friends and associates.

Enterprise Europe Network Serbia

Mladen Radisic / Project Officer

“Very innovative, creative and hard-working company.”

Total Idea is very innovative, creative and hard-working company that strongly emphasizes mutual trust and cooperation with its partners. It focuses on consulting operations with thorough attention and gives its best to achieve defined goals. In addition, it has respectable knowledge in environmental and Eco-friendly issues.

National Tourism Organization of Serbia

Gordana Plamenac / Director

“NTOS has been cooperating with Total Idea for many years with great success.”

The National Tourism Organization of Serbia has been cooperating with Total Idea for several years. Their top concept and design of the Map of Camp Sites in Serbia made this publication one of the most popular and with the highest circulation in TOS. It was also well received in the European tourism market.


Klett Publishing

Aleksandar Rajković / Editor-in-chief

“More than a decade of inspiring and great cooperation.”

Our business impression is not “measurable” because numbers speak for themselves: 12 years of constant cooperation with the scope increasing year after year; more than 200 book designs; countless page layouts and prepress solutions; an abundance of illustrations, pictograms and vignettes… Could we say anything else to emphasise our long-term cooperation with Total Idea? Ok, they’re nice 🙂

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