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Take a peek on video clip about the GReENERGY project:)

Total Idea team has produced an intro promo video clip for the GReENERGY project (2019-2021), within Interreg-IPA CBS Croatia – Serbia program.

GReENERGY_project intro promo video clip_2019

Through the IPA Cross-border Cooperation Project between Serbia and Croatia (PMF project leader in Novi Sad), a school for children and adults with special needs – Milan Petrovic in Novi Sad, will install a self-sustaining green infrastructure system that will help improve the environment in the city and improve energy the efficiency of the school building.

This type of self-sustaining green infrastructure system installed in a public facility is, for the time being, a unique case in the Republic of Serbia and consists of: a green roof of 480 m2 and a green wall of 80 m2.

The green roof is semi-intensive (grass in the middle, and more plants on the side) and, apart from the plants and the grass surface, will make hiking trails and benches, so that users can reside in such space (there is an entrance from the building to the above roof space).

At the same time, in addition to the green roof and the wall and the water management system, 960 m2 of solar panels (120 kW power) will be installed, which will serve to supply electricity to the entire green infrastructure system.

So, green energy will be produced for the green roof and wall to function.

When preparing the facility for green infrastructure, the GReENERGY project will finance the reconstruction of school lighting and the installation of LED lighting, which will help reduce the current cost of electricity.

Finally, with the independent production of green energy, the use of water directly from precipitation, an automated system of irrigation, drainage, and storage, the installed green infrastructure is 100% self-sustaining with 0% emission of carbon dioxide and other gases.