We are always delighted by people with big hearts, especially by those who organize humanitarian aids for children. “Magnet for Love” is the name of one such action initiated by The Vojvodinian Health Care Institute for Children and Youth (IZZZDIOV), TDE Company and B92 Fund. IZZZDIOV is an old client of ours, and we had a great pleasure to do a visual identity for their children’s clinic.

“Magnet for Love” is a fundraising action focused on acquiring two pieces of medical equipment – an MRI scanner for children and a unique diagnostic incubator for prematurely born infants and neonates. Our team was glad to answer the organizers call to volunteer by a creative contribution of making a logo.

The logotype that we devised is a visual harmonization conveying the action’s main message. It illustrates children, a hand, which is a symbol of giving, happiness and protection, as well as a representation of magnetic resonating, all with playful typography and in cheerful colors.