Our creative team “cooked up” another interesting project in its kitchens. With great pleasure we conceptualized a visual identity for our partner association CREARTE – Centre for Arts and Culture.

CREARTE is an association which will deal with projects in the areas of culture, arts and environmental protection. The emphasis will be given to exchange and cooperation with other cultures, driving our projects outside the borders of Serbia. The affluence of cultural exchange, an integral part of our association, shall contribute to raising awareness by pointing to environmental issues and the potential of our surroundings.

The logo we made for CREARTE is explosive, playful, creative and cooperative. We made it bilingual for easier communication with all target groups. Moreover, we created a visual identity for social media – Facebook page (cover page and avatar) and corporate materials – letterhead and business card.

Red is the primary colour of our visual identity not by accident. It’s linked to our energy, temper, courage and strength, traits rewarding those who devoted their life to art and finding creative ways to conserve nature.