We take great pride in the fact that more and more of our clients come from abroad.

Successfully finished Retro House restaurant project transcended not only the borders of our country, but also those of the continent.

For this new restaurant in Sydney, the members of Total Idea team devised visual and corporate identity.

Warm colour logotype instantly evokes hospitality industry, and, in accordance with it, we applied visual identity to memorandums and business cards.

We know what first impressions mean in business, so we made sure that every detail of our dear clients’ visual identity breathes professionalism and lets future guests and associates know that they can trust our clients.

Satisfaction of our Australian clients was apparent, and we expect that our cooperation will soon be continued.

New Retro House branding and packaging activities are ahead of us. We are looking forward to contributing to the atmosphere of the restaurant and hope it will become the favourite gathering place for at least a part of Sydney’s population.