When the results of cooperation are good, it is only natural that new ideas, as well as inspiration for starting new projects, are coming.

For Annona Pro, which deals with importing and selling cosmetics, we have recently redesigned its visual identity, making it adequate to the company’s values and its products’ quality.

We are pleased that, after that cooperation, our clients trusted us once again and let us start their social media appearance campaign.

The project we were trusted with was a complex and serious one, but, considering the fact that we have already done a quality job of redesigning the company’s visual identity (which left us with all the necessary photo and video material), it was relatively easy for us to get to work and create the social media appearance.

Total Idea team had plenty of inspiration, because we were quite familiar with our client’s communication style and its target audiences.

After three months of dedicated work, the results were expectedly good. The sales of cosmetics went up by thirty percent, and Annona Pro got a hundred new buyers.

Thanks to our company’s extraordinary social media team, and the fact that Annona Pro team was open to education and innovation, we are sure that the success of our client’s social media appearance will continue to skyrocket.

This was a great starting point for further advancement. We have managed to accentuate the quality of their products and our teamwork.