The best way is to hire a professional agency, but I guess you wouldn’t be here if you could do that. So, let’s see what 5 steps you should follow if you want to design your logo on your own.

I guess you are at the beginning of your business and you‘ve heard it is possible to design logo on your own, with the help of all free tools you can find online. But that is not enough. It is very important to follow these steps and pay close attention to it.

1. Why do you need a logo?

If the first question you ask yourself is do I need a logo, let me answer it right away, yes you do and it is the very first and very important part of your visual identity. So, more importantly, is to ask yourself why do I need a logo?

  • It is the first visual sign of your brand that will tell a story about it. It will tell your client is your brand right for them, through the information about your brand.
  • Your logo is your professional signature, as it will be on all your branding materials, emails, social media, website and packaging if you have one.
  • Also, it is also the first impression of your product and sometimes it is the way to stand out from the competition.

2. Choose your brand identity and the right type of logo.

There are 9 types of a logo that we can put into 3 main categories: icon-based, text-based and combination – one that combines both words and symbols. When choosing which type to use it is best to know what the brand’s personality is.

What does it mean? It means you answered your business goal questions and you are clear about the story your brand tells. After you know where your story begins and how it ends, you will be sure which visual story is the best to cover it.

3. Find inspiration for your design / Check out the competition

Even if you know all above mentioned before choosing the type of design that suits your brand, do research. Find inspiration, the design you like, a design that is used for similar brands and products or well-known brands. Analyze why it is so successful and which story it tells. Also, try to figure out why you like or don’t like a certain design and then write it down as a note for your future design.

Competition may be a great example of how to get things done. Love your competition as it may be the way to come to success.

4. Pay attention to colour/Pick the right typography

Logo communicates with colours, signs and letters, therefore it is crucial that the colours you use to be consistent with the colours of your website and brand identity.

When you pick the font there are 4 types used in logos, but more importantly, is to pay attention to details.

  • Try different sizes of letters.
  • Put in bold, italic to see if it works that way.
  • Chance space between letters.
  • Use different fonts or combine fonts.

5. Logo option / Logo design tool

No matter if you hire an agency or make a logo on your own, you need to pass all mentioned steps just to be prepared and know answers to all questions. But this part you will need only if you design a logo on your own.

Here are the best and easiest design tools you may use.

  • PicMonkey – free to use and gives you the possibility to design your logo online for free.
  • Canva – another design platform mainly used for social media, but also has logo making options and it is free and easy to use.
  • LogoMakr – looks more like a design programme, but it is well explained and simple.
  • DesignEvo Free Logo Maker – more like Canva but focused just on Logo making.