Successful Serbian agency joins network of the best agencies in the world
serving a market of clients from around the world.

Dublin, Ireland – 04 March 2020: Total Idea is proud to become a recognized agency on (TDA). Being named to the network of agencies gives Total Idea the opportunity to grow its client base globally.

Founded in 2007, Total Idea is a full-service marketing and consulting agency staffed by a team of talented young professionals, specializing in branding, project management, and events planning. With a growing number of happy clients within Serbia and in Europe, the agency is establishing itself as one of the leading agencies in the region. Their European clients are a strong signal that they are expanding their reach.

Total Idea’s ultimate goal for this year is to open a new office in Budapest, Hungary. Becoming a recognized agency on TDA is an important step in this journey, providing an unbiased and respected space in which to present their industry insights and portfolio of work to a global audience.

TDA is committed to making its marketplace a place where digital agencies and clients can work together, no matter where they are in the world. Total Idea has become part of a fast-growing number of agencies that are rewriting the rules for how clients find the best talent.

Ivan Ivanovic, Total Idea’s Marketing Manager:

Our agency is constantly searching for excellent partners in the field of recruiting new clients. TDA’s team of young and enthusiastic people was the right match. They provided us with top-notch support for expanding markets and gaining new clients. We are excited and proud to become a member of TDA’s global marketplace.

Goran Deak, TDA’s CEO:

If the best agency for your project is based in Novi Sad or Budapest, and your brand is in Dublin then there shouldn’t be any barrier to working together. We are excited that agencies such as Total Idea are increasingly going after work from a wide range of clients. We are proud to help make this happen.

About Total Idea

Total Idea is a full-service marketing and consulting agency. We are enthusiastic about branding, logo and design, digital, conversion marketing, marketing automation, project management and events planning. We offer you many ideas. Together we create one Total Idea.

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About TDA

TDA is the first global marketplace for companies and digital agencies in the world. We function like an online dating site for companies and digital agencies and help them connect in 3 simple steps: (i) Companies leave project requests on the site; (ii) Agencies see the projects and pitch to the company; (iii) Companies then decide whether or not to contact the agencies for further discussions. Through this process, TDA makes it possible for any company and any digital agency to meet no matter where they are in the world without needing to leave their office.

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