Visual identity. Products have it. Services have it. Organizations have it. Even some people have it. We believe that every project should be branded. If your project is not, there is a large chance that it will not be visible to the wider public.

We are honoured to work on this project with people who have been engaged in protecting the environment for the past 50 years. Our dear clients, Vojvodina Environmental Movement, gave us a chance when they saw the potential in raising the visibility of their Danube Stream for Green Dream (Stream4Green) project. We gladly accepted the challenge and created a visual identity which focuses on the development of ecotourism and promotes the microregions of Strazilovo, Sremski Karlovci and Koviljsko-petrovaradinski rit.

In order to reach the project goals, creation of a leading eco tourist destination in Serbia, it is extremely important to lead proper communication and create an authentic and convincing portrayal of the project purpose, goals and benefits. The design of the visual identity and promotional materials naturally unifies several aspects. In line with these principles, we created a visual presentation strategy with the goal of raising the visibility of the project.

The logo „Stream4Green“ encompasses several elements. The green leaf, the universal symbol of nature, is in balance with other two symbols. Grapes, reminiscent of wine, and water representing the Danube and the Stražilovo stream, are some of the main symbols of Fruska gora. The aesthetic direction of the visual identity includes warm colours, bringing the project closer to future visitors of the eco tourist destination.

The printed and oline promotional materials (fliers, banners, facebok and twitter pages) are informative and they follow the current graphic design trends.

The specific goals of the project require a specifically branded approach. We hope we managed to reach this level of quality.