On Monday, May 20, was held the press conference, and afterwards the workshop for public and stakeholders of URBAN – PREX project with focus on surveillance and predictions of redundant rainfalls.

The full name of the project addresses to main topics with which the project is dealing with and which are developing through this workshops, and the project results are presented to the public in this way. “Surveillance, predictions and development of online public system of early warnings for redundant rainfalls and pluvial floods in urban areas in border area between Hungary and Serbia” is the project co-financed by the European Union through Interreg-IPA CBS Hungary – Serbia programme.

Due to fully tracking of actual and disturbing weather conditions which have occurred during this spring, the workshop had justifiably large number of visitors and interested citizens.

Dr. Stevan Savic, manager of URBAN-PREX project, Damir Kondic VIKNS, Ivan Secerov UNSPMF, Jelena Kicanovic UNSFTN, Nenad Stefanovic and Dragan Popovic VIKNS has spoken at the seminar.

The organizer of the event itself at this conference was Public Enterprise “Vodovod i Kanalizacija” which is, simultaneously, one of the partners on the project, and which has been presented to the public on this occasion.

At the agenda of the event was included the following topics: activities and results of URBAN-PREX project and development of network of rainfall stations, previous experiences with activation of big weather series, visual simulations of urban floods by using of technology of reasoned reality and advance usage of geographical informational systems.

The project, as usual, was extremely interesting to the experts and broad public, both local and regional institutions, because it is dealing with very actual topics which significantly affect the everyday life of all of us who work and live in urban areas – occurrence of extreme rainfalls which are subsequently followed by floods. The motto of this project still holds as guiding star in its realization “That the floods does not happen again” and precisely that is the message which attracts the experts and broad public to the events thereof.

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