Let the floods do not happen again!

The seminar for public audience and stakeholders which represents the resume of the project co-financed by the European Union, via Interreg-IPA CBS Hungary – Serbia program, is successfully held on Wednesday, November 07, 2018 at the premises of the Chamber of commerce of Vojvodina.

The seminar under full name, Monitoring, forecast and development of online public system of early warning for extensive rainfalls and pluvial floods in urban areas in border region organised by Faculty of technical sciences, University of Novi Sad this time also has attracted large number of experts, journalists and public audience

The moderator of the conference PhD Ivana Bajsanski, after opening ceremony and greeting words, has invited all participants of the conference to look back to previous work on URBAN PREX project and accomplished results.

After that, in the focus were the following topics: Emergence of pluvial floods and managing with waters in urban areas, networks of rainfall stations and system of its functioning, Digital technologies in architecture and urbanism, Interactive technologies in simulations of urban floods and presentation of urban area through architectural models. After completion of all presentations the discussion is opened which created new insights and surely expanded the topic and provided the ambience for thinking and future steps within the project.

And this time also, a subject like this which is interesting for both the expert and also broader population has attracted the interest of the public audience both locally and regionally. Dealing with floods and climate changes, as topic which significantly affects the everyday life of all of us who work and live in the urban areas it is therefore clear where such interest comes from.

In every city there are determined number of critical points where such floods occurs, after extensive rainfalls which result with problems in functioning of infrastructure, traffic, movement of people and as well to jeopardizing of lives. This project in the best possible way addresses to the problem, by establishing the rainfall stations in urban areas of Novi Sad and Segedin by which is created the methodology of forecast of emergence of extreme rainfalls above the border area between Serbia and Hungary. Based on that is enabled to create the online system of early warning to emergence of extreme rainfalls and floods.

The most important thing is that the final result and aim of this project is something that is accessible to the public audience and which relieves the situation which occurs due to extreme rainfalls.

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