Sašenjka Meljnikov is our art director. As a designer with a soul of a child and a crafty hand of an exquisite  artist, having over twenty years of professional experience, seven years ago she set off on an adventure called Total Idea, and she has no intention of ending it any time soon.

Her innate creativity is constantly upgraded with new skills and knowledge, as she strives to keep up-to-date with global trends. Therefore, we have decided to perk up Sašenjka’s portfolio, which now displays her energy.

The new website has been made using flat design, and with simple and modern approach, which emphasizes colorfulness of illustrations and branding projects, all meant for a broad spectrum of clients.

Generally speaking, her interests are art and design, but, more specifically, she excels in illustrating, creating visual and corporate identities, graphic design for books, textbooks, catalogues, etc., as well as in prepress. A special segment of her work are caricature portraits of celebrities.

Her broad experience helps us work on complex projects and with immediate understanding of our clients’ needs. Her undivided dedication and perfectionism, when it comes to both people and work, made the number of clients grow and, thus, our cooperation became a long-term one.

To back up our story, here is what some satisfied clients and the work itself tell about Sašenjka.

If you want to contact Sašenjka, or to hire her to work on a project, please feel free to visit her webpage, where you will find a selection of her numerous works, or you can do it via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Behance or Linkedin.