It is a known fact that, when starting and developing a business, it is important to follow the work of experienced fellow entrepreneurs and take their advice, because that is an easier and faster way to obtain useful information.

For this reason, thanks to our business connections, we were asked to welcome Europe’s young entrepreneurs and take part in a project called Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – EYE.

The goal of this project is to encourage companies that are in business for more than three years support young entrepreneurs from other countries who have recently started an enterprise or have a clear business plan.

We are very pleased that Total Idea, cooperating with Novi Sad University and Enterprise Europe Network, welcomed Stefano Silvestrini, a young entrepreneur from Italy.

In his own words, Stefano, while choosing a host, saw Serbia’s creative potential. He realized that developed countries are too saturated, while in Serbia, creativity is only just surfacing, and the prices are quite competitive.

From the very beginning, this cooperation was a successful one. On daily bases, Stefano received information on how to start and develop an enterprise, how to create a network of business associates, and build a marketing strategy.

Original plan was for Stefano’s training in Serbia to last for a month. However, he decided to extend his stay, first to two, and then to five months.

Our young Italian colleague successfully finished all the projects that the managers had given him. He was exploring market research, development through social media, obtaining business contacts, and those experiences helped him acquire new skills to improve his enterprise.

Now it is understandable why Stefano, despite having all the other European countries at his disposal, chose to have his training in Serbia, and then in our agency.

One could say that these previous five months were all about learning from each other and information exchange. We gave Stefano business skills, and, through working with him, we once again proved the importance of choosing the right associates, not only at the beginning of a career, but also after many years of doing business, when the company offers support and becomes a business model for young and ambitious entrepreneurs.