Total Idea has cooperated with Mladen Stanojev, an attorney for whom we initially created visual identity design.

First, we designed the logotype and then used that idea to create the business card.

It was interesting and challenging to come up with a design without previously having any visual element

You could say that we started from scratch, but we say that we were driven by the qualities our client showed through many years of practice. Here, we talk about responsibility, trust, and business success.

Projects like this, first of all, require lots of research, information gathering, and talking to clients. After that, the ideas, somehow, come by themselves, and, together, we find the best solution.

We made sure to create a memorable logotype that evokes Mladen Stanojev’s initials, but also the office, as it is the most important location where practice takes place.

We expect to continue to cooperate with Mladen Stanojev’s law office, because we feel that, after successfully designing a visual identity, website design is a logical next step.