We are proud to announce that Total Idea was invited by the University of Novi Sad to join the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs project, funded by the European Commission.

As a member of Enterprise Europe Network of University of Novi Sad, participating in this programme, our agency will be hosting young European entrepreneurs during the next two years.

Through this project, we are offering young entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues and have a try at specific business situations, as well as to confront real-life problems and solutions. One of our goals is to develop creativity by exchanging know-how and experience in marketing, consulting, media, visual identity, design, print, as well as education and eco-design implementation.

We are always open for work with young entrepreneurs who are ready for action and a challenge, as well as for making new business contacts, especially with markets in Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and other European countries.

We believe that the experience they gain at our agency will help them master necessary skills for running their own business, and we will be proud to contribute to expanding the know-how network to European countries our young colleagues come from.

Additional info on the programme, including application details, is available at www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu.