Total Idea participated in brand identity design and product entry competition announced by a local company. The task envisioned an upgrade to the current visual identity, including new and original ideas in spirit of the current design concept.

After thorough examination of competition guidelines, we realized that this is a creative and most of all demanding task! We had a strict deadline to create a highly-attractive design and a complete brand identity, which would introduce the company’s new product to the market.

As per client’s request, we made proposals for identity development. The project included the following:

  • Brand name
  • Brand slogan
  • Visual identity – brand logo and standard
  • Communication and promotion means
  • Final product packaging


We designed a logo in bright and contrasting colours, which perfectly matched the existing identity. The product was completed by a memorable name and a slightly provocative slogan, with a task to differentiate the new concept and awake curiosity in the consumer.

For the purpose of the competition, we designed packaging with attractive visual elements, based on eco-design principles i.e. the materials used are eco-friendly (recycled and recyclable) and the shape of packaging offers more functionality, economy and efficiency when folding the box.

Moreover, we created promotional posters, discount poster and billboard design. The given competition requested a carefully planned communication strategy for consumers who are used to high-quality products from the client.