Project URBAN-PREX is a joint project of Hungary and Serbia which aims to improve the manner by which shall be reacted to floods. The Project is co-financed by the EU through Interreg IPA-CBC Hungary-Serbia.

The project has officially started on December 12, 2017 by holding a conference in congress center Master of Novi Sad Expo. Total idea has successfully organised and carried out the event itself, and prior to mentioned conference we were in charge for press clipping and communication with media.

Due to climate changes during past years we have witnessed the massive rainfalls and storms which quickly and easy resulted with floods in urban areas. The existing infrastructure cannot deal in proper manner with such disasters and this resulted with numerous problems, which have material and as well the health consequences. Motivated by this state, the experts from Vojvodina and south part of Hungary has joint together in finding a solution and manner by which such situation could be avoided in the future. The Project URBAN-PREX  is the result of such joint cooperation and work.

In urban areas, especially in cities of Novi Sad and Szeged, by joint work with the city institutions competent for this problem shall be detected the most most endangered areas which afterwards shall be protected. Besides that, the making of separate application which shall in real time report on dangers from floods and provide the possibility of timely reaction is also planned.

Significance of starting of URBAN-PREX project shall certainly over time became more visible, and the project managers are hoping to see concrete results in the next two years. The forecast of rainfalls shall always be visible on the web portal of the project, social networks and through application and in such manner accessible to the media, and as well to the residents of Vojvodina and Hungary.

Total idea has successfully implemented the coordination and management of the entire event. Now, we are tracking the development of the project itself and hoping to good results.