We live in time of significant climate changes which results with extreme weather conditions. Such weather conditions cause storms, draughts or floods, which may have serious and far-reaching consequences. For this reason, on January 17 in premises of Chamber of commerce of Vojvodina was held the conference on which were present 90 participants in total.

Total Idea has participated in this event as organizer of the conference itself, support in contact and communication with the media during the event and as well in press-clipping after the event. These is a project with significance for the local community and as well for each individual. Especially for this reason, Total Idea team was chosen for cooperation and communication with the media, and therefore with public. For that reason we have devoted with attention to the manner in which this project shall be presented and accepted.

The main organizer of the conference is Faculty of science at the University of Novi Sad. The conference is noted as beginning of project under name WATER at RISK. The full name of the project is “Improvement of monitoring of draught and other excessive internal waters for the support to water commerce and decrease of risks related to extreme conditions.

Aim of the project is development of innovative and harmonised solutions of monitoring and operative plans for water management. In this way the adoption of solutions and as well the usage of results for active actions should be enabled.

The project is developed in cooperation with Hungary and is implemented through Interreg – IPA program of cross-border cooperation between Hungary and Serbia and is co-financed by the EU. In this way we are headed to realization of Serbian-Hungarian cross-border council for monitoring of draughts and excessive internal waters, responsible for future researches and development, implementation of new techniques of monitoring and water management for needs of agriculture, communication and connections.

The project lasts for two years and has begun with realization since October of this year and shall last until October 2019. The support to the activities from the citizens is also very important for the project for purpose of improving the awareness on climate changes consequences.