On Friday, June 22, 2018 was held another one significant workshop under name URBAN – PREX – Surveillance, anticipating and development of online public system of early warning for extreme rainfalls and pluvial floods in urban areas within the border region of Hungary and Serbia. The workshop was held in the premises of Commercial chamber of Vojvodina in Novi Sad and was intended for both the stakeholders and as well for broader public which has expressed its interest for the subject this time. It is important to emphasise that the workshop, and as well the entire project are co-financed and supported by the European union through Interreg – IPA CBS Hungary – Serbia programme.

Leading organiser of the workshop is the Faculty of  technical sciences in Novi Sad, while Total Idea, marketing and consulting agency this time also was responsible for all activities prior and after the event itself, regarding to communication, effective organisation and successful implementation. For the workshop that invites public to be one of the active participants is very important to communicate in the right manner the basic values and aims of the project itself. Most efficient method for that is through press clipping, communication with media, and as well the direct communication during the workshops.

The Moderator of this workshop was dr. Ivana Bajsanski, professor o Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, who opened the workshop and greeted all present participants. Dr Vesna Stojkovic, chef of cathedre for Theory and interpretation of space in architecture and urbanism and as well dr. Darko Reba, director of department of architecture have also joined the ceremony of opening the workshop.

Opening lecture on plan of activities at the URBAN – PREX project was made by dr. Ivana Bajsanski, followed by dr. Stevan Savic, professor of Faculty of sciences in Novi Sad who has inform the present participants with activities and current outcomes of URBAN-PREX project.

Dr. Bojan Tepavcevic from Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, spoke on computer 3D modelling and visualisation of floods in urban areas by application of augmented reality.

Marko Vucic from Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad, has provided the presentation of various manners of creating the physical models of urban areas.

After above mentioned lectures, all present participants were part of round table, in which participated the lectures, stakeholders and public. For this time also, the focus was on improving the awareness of the citizens on the consequences of climate changes and presence of extreme rainfalls, followed by floods.