At the premises of Vojvodina chamber of commerce at Novi Sad, on Tuesday, May 08, 2018 was held the workshop under the name URBAN – PREX – Surveillance, forecast and development of online public system of early warnings for massive rainfall and pluvial floods in urban areas in border region between Hungary and Serbia.

The workshop is intended for broader public and as well for stakeholder, and is co-financed and supported by the European Union through Interreg – IPA CBS Hungary – Serbia programme.

From the beginning of URBAN – PREX project Total Idea is involved in the activities of organisation of events and effective carrying out of project. Besides that, the communication with project leaders has provided us to execute in the best way and to communicate with public the basic values and goals of the project, through press clipping and communication with the media, and as well through direct communication with interested audience.

The goal of this, and all other activities within the URBAN – PREX project is improvement of citizen’s awareness on consequences of climate changes. This is the subject that affect all us who live and work in urban areas, because it affects our daily routine through occurrence of extreme rainfalls which are subsequently followed-up with floods. The project goal is to achieve the early warning on occurrence of extreme rainfalls and floods within urban areas, which would allow the timely reaction.