Project that has exceeded itself!

To work on such a project was a challenge, but also a pleasure. Initial demand made from Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad to Total Idea for creation a picture book – guide for kids was easily accomplished. The project is realized through making the authorial vector type of illustration with most recognisable City of Novi Sad motifs. Additionally to that texts were written intentionally for this purpose, and afterwards were made the complete design of guide, expert review and preparation for printing.

The goal and our task in creating the picture book was to present the history and most important monuments of the city through illustrations of Novi Sad, initially for kids of age from 1 to 4 class of primary school. All written stories are adjusted directly for the kids of this age (but all other ages are welcomed to use it) and jointed through specific characters of Pigeon and Dove, which are at the same time the well known symbols of Novi Sad.

By following the specific needs of our city and its residents the guide was made in three languages: Serbian, Hungarian and Slovakian.

The success of this project, and as well the positive reaction to its realization have become our motivation for much larger and more important project. It would include more cities in Serbia and inadequate and receptive way for nowadays kids. It would also present the touristic offer of our country. If such, the goal is to expand this idea outside the borders of our country.

During the process of its creation, the idea for much larger and more important project was born. Our team is looking forward to it:)